DOX Productions has been making high quality factual programming for over 15 years.  You can find a selection of those films here. 

The Fear of 13
95' Theatrical Feature
A condemned man asks to be executed - but first he has a story to tell. 

The film gets its North American premiere on 15th Nov 2015 at the NYC Doc festival. 

Licence to Krill
1 x 85' Arte & 1 x 50' PBS NOVA
Antarctic Krill are small animals with a huge importance. The food of whales, penguins and seals, their numbers have been in dramatic decline. LICENCE TO KRILL follows scientists into the ice pack as they search for the reason why. It’s a dramatic and very human story of science in an extreme environment which reveals the forces that now threaten all life in Antarctica.


Official Selection Sheffield Doc/Fest, 2015. Official Selection Bergen International Film Festival, 2015. 

The Churchills
3 x 50' Channel 4
In this innovative series, Dr David Starkey tells the story of Britain’s greatest general, John Churchill, first Duke of Marlborough through the lens of the four-volume biography written by his descendant Winston Churchill in the 1930s. Moving back and forth between the 18th and 20th centuries, David Starkey explores Winston Churchill the historian and argues that writing about the ancestor who led the global alliance against Louis XIV of France was essential preparation for the man who would soon lead the alliance against Hitler’s Germany.
“gripping” The Independent; “fascinating” Guardian; “riveting” The Times; “intelligent” Daily Telegraph.


Thin Ice
75' Theatrical Feature
An intimate portrait of the scientists investigating our planet’s changing climate. Launched on Earth Day 2013 with over 200 simultaneous screenings on all seven continents.
Official Selection Sheffield Doc/Fest. Winner Best Film Baikal International Film Festival. Winner Audience Award Princeton Environmental Film Festival. 
Inside the Milky Way
1 x 90' National Geographic/Arte
We live in a quiet suburb of the vast city of stars we call the Milky Way. But what would the night sky look like if we inhabited a different region of our galaxy? This film takes planet Earth on an extraordinary journey through the different neighbourhoods of the Milky Way, and reveals how it works, how it began, and how it will eventually be transformed. 
In the Shadow of the Moon
95' Theatrical Feature
The story of the men who went to the Moon. This Sundance award winning film, which includes intimate interviews with every surviving moonwalker, became one of the best-reviewed cinema releases of 2007.
moved me to the extremes of nostalgia, regret and outright admiration as no other movie has moved me this year’ New York Observer.  ‘this breathtaking and exhilarating movie, easily one of the year’s best’ Maxim.
The Flaw
80' Theatrical Feature
Produced by Studio Lambert and directed by DOX Production's David Sington THE FLAW is a radical re-interpretation of the great financial crash of 2008.  

“Smart and entertaining” Hollywood Reporter “a lively iconoclastic look at the current crisis in capitalism” Los Angeles Times.


Official selection Sundance Film Festival 2011 and Sheffield Documentary Film Festival 2010. Channel 4 True Stories. 


THE FLAW IS AVAILABLE TO BUY ON DVD or you can watch it online here.


Henry VIII: Mind of a Tyrant

4 x 50' Channel 4


Dr David Starkey, arguably the world’s leading authority on the Court of Henry VIII, explores the psychology of the most significant monarch in British history. Unearthing new evidence from the archives, Dr Starkey reveals hitherto unsuspected sides of Henry, and shows how we all still live in his shadow.
‘Highly fascinating’ Independent; ‘had me riveted’ Guardian. 

To see more of our previous productions click on the videos below. 


Moon Machines

6 x 50' Discovery Science


The Apollo Moon landings were an engineering marvel, yet the engineers who built the machines that took us to the Moon have rarely received their due. With previously unseen archive footage and intimate interviews with dozens of engineers, this six-part series puts that right, unearthing dramatic stories and touching human drama.


Winner Grand Prize, World-Fest/Houston International Film Festival, 2009


Romance and the Royals

1 x 60' Channel 4


When Prince William wed Kate Middleton, the media made much of the fact that a ‘Royal’ was marrying a ‘commoner’. But, as David Starkey tells it, such non-dynastic marriages for love have been a recurring feature of the British monarchy – and the commoners who wore the crown have been some of the most influential figures in history.

Dimming the Sun

50 mins for BBC2/PBS NOVA 


The discovery of Global Dimming, which climatologists believe could be having a significant effect on global temperatures with dramatic consequences for climate change.


Winner, Earthwatch Film Award, 2007, Best Television Documentary, Association of British Science Writers Awards, 2006. Winner, WildScreen Awards, 2006

The Day the Ocean's Boiled

1 x 50' Channel 4/National Geographic


How changes to the world’s forests and oceans could trigger a rapid acceleration of global warming. Equinox’s biggest audience in recent series.  


Winner Best Documentary, British Environment and Media Awards, 2002. Silver Hugo at the Chicago International Film Festival, 2002.


Nuclear Nightmares

1 x 50' BBC2


Radiation is terrifying. But what is the evidence about the risks of radiation exposure? And which is more dangerous, radiation, or the fear of it?


‘This might be one of the most important programmes Horizon has made.’ The Times ‘Fascinating’ Observer. ‘Provocative, excellent’ The Daily Telegraph.


Project Poltergeist

1 x 50' BBC2/PBS NOVA


A moving story of four decades of scientific rivalry and friendship in the quest to unravel the most puzzling paradox in physics. At its heart is the neutrino, a ghostly particle which could hold the key to the existence of all the matter in the universe.


This film is rather wonderful and profound…’ The Times.  


Winner, 2004 Grierson Awards.


Magnetic Flip

1 x 50' Channel 4/PBS NOVA


How the Earth’s magnetic field could be heading for a dramatic upheaval.  


“Physics of mind bending complexity is explained so clearly in this programme that even those of us who are scientifically challenged can catch the general drift.” The Times  


Gold Remi, Houston Film and Video Production Award, 2004.  Winner, Wildscreen, 2004.

The Secret of El Dorado

1 x 50' BBC2/The Learning Channel


New scientific evidence that advanced societies flourished in the Amazon Basin before the arrival of Europeans.  

“This enjoyable investigation has more twists and turns than the best detective story” Time Out


Winner Silver Plaque, Chicago International Television Competition, 2003. 


Hitler's Sunken Secret

1 x 50' PBS NOVA


Nuclear fission was discovered in Berlin on the eve of the Second World War, and German scientists were the first to start research on nuclear weapons. Yet they failed to develop the atom bomb. Could the reason lie at the bottom of a Norwegian lake?


Gold Plaque, Chicago International Television Festival, 2006


Rocket Men of Mission 105

1 x 50' National Geographic


Observational documentary following a Shuttle Mission to the International Space Station.


Winner Gold Remi, World-Fest/Houston International Film Festival, 2003.

Hunt for the Death Star

50' Channel 4/PBS NOVA 


The 30 year race to discover the source of the most violent explosions in the cosmos.


Winner Gold Hugo, Chicago International Film Festival, 2002.


Einstein's Biggest Blunder

1 x 50' Channel 4


The revolution in cosmology which is leading to a new view of the Universe.

“Einstein, the universe and everything have never been more clearly explained than in this brilliant programme” Radio Times.