First transmitted on BBC2 / Horizon, March 2004; transmitted as ‘The Ghost Particle’ on WGBH/NOVA in February 2006

The search for the neutrino, the Universe’s most elusive ingredient

Forty years ago Ray Davis and John Bahcall tunnelled deep into the Earth to build a trap for the most elusive particle in Nature – the neutrino. It was an experiment which few thought could ever succeed, and it produced a result which no one believed. But for decades Davis and Bahcall refused to give up – convinced that they were on to something important. This is the story of how their experiment led to an astonishing discovery which is making scientists re-think their most fundamental theories of what the Universe is made of, and where it all came from.

‘This film is rather wonderful and profound...’

The Times

Produced and Directed
by David Sington
Associate Producer: Sarah Kinsella
Photography by Clive North
Edited by Louise Salkow
Commissioned by Matthew Barrett
Distributed by BBC Worldwide

Winner, The Grierson Awards, 2004.
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