First transmitted on Channel Four / Equinox, October 2000

The revolution in cosmology which is leading to a new view of the Universe

If there is one thing “every schoolgirl knows” about Einstein and his theory of relativity, it’s that the speed of light is constant. Yet today a small group of brilliant physicists and astronomers have risked their scientific reputations to question the validity of this idea. Could the speed of light of change?

‘Einstein, the universe and everything have never been more clearly explained than in this brilliant programme’

Radio Times

‘Complex, controversial, theoretical science, but fascinating none the less’

The Guardian

‘Forget the physics; this is a fascinating human drama’

The Observer

‘Absorbing, fascinating, exciting, intriguing, wonder-making and, despite the odd illuminating simile, never patronizing’

The Daily Mail

Produced and directed
by David Sington
Associate Producer: Duncan Copp
Edited by Horacio Queiro
Commissioned by Charles Furneaux
Distributed by Channel Four International

Finalist, GlaxoSmithkline, ABSW Best Science Documentary Award, 2000.
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